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Update From John Cini: NP App, NP Alexa Ranking, Muscadine Attention, NP Corp. Tours, Wed. Webcasts | Antipaper's Digital Tsunami
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Update From John Cini: NP App, NP Alexa Ranking, Muscadine Attention, NP Corp. Tours, Wed. Webcasts

June 4, 2013

Today has already been incredible:  besides getting a call this morning from Lou Abbott that he posted our co. profile on his site, this morning Dr. Bier enrolled another Dr., and Joe Blanton enrolled another veteran networker!  Our GV is already WAY past where it was 4 days into May.

I now have 750 names in my NP App database who’ve received the 2-min. video email from me via the app!  I’ll be dumping thousands more names into it over the next few weeks.  As people watch the video and I get an alert telling me they did so, it’ll become even more exciting.  Our app is a total game changer.  It’s effortless, high-tech, new, and super-intriguing!  If you need directions on accessing the new email msg, they’re below:  I posted them 3 days ago, Sat., June 1.

Congrats to our own Marie Sfyras, who finished in second place last week with 59 click-throughs from her app contacts!  She nearly won the prize without even knowing there was a contest:  the top rep had 77.  (The rep with the highest number each week gets about $200 worth of gifts.)  Marie is in the Toronto area, outside of Niagara Falls, and is always working in her own salon & restaurant businesses, and yet still found time to blast out a hundred emails via the app!  Quick & easy!

The Nature’s Pearl world is definitely growing.  If you haven’t checked lately, our Alexa number (our website ranking) has continued its dramatic march, from 620K at the beginning of March, down to under 415K (the lower the number, the better, like golf – Google is #1, Facebook is #2, etc. – see the top sites here).  That’s a 200% improvement in 3 months.  What that means is a LOT more people are going to our site now, compared to 3 months ago.

Have you set your goals for the month of June?  Why will June be different than May?  I’ve only had a couple people send me their goals. 🙁  It’s June 4th, people – let’s go!  At least take 20 seconds to text me what rank you’re shooting for this month!  Better than that, get an aggressive POA (Plan of Action) in place and blitz a few hundred contacts over the next few weeks.

NP Corporate decided to not have formal Corp. Tour events this summer (June, July, Aug.), and instead promote a regional tour of just a few cities.  Anyone who wants to tour the company should still do it (not wait until the next tour in Sep.)!  If you want to go there, let me know in advance and I’ll make arrangements for you to meet with NP President Brock Agee and some of the other top corp. people, and get you a tour of the co. and manufacturing facility.

I’ve been doing a regular weekly webcast for years.  One of the key ingredients in creating growth is guests seeing a big number of attendees.  We have to have a lot more names in attendance before we can display the list.  Please commit to getting on the webcast EVERY Wed. at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific).

Hope you’re getting a big piece of the muscadine pie!

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