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NP World Class Training SystemNature’s Pearl:
The Biggest Cause In Network Marketing History!

Welcome to Nature’s Pearl! We’re glad you’re looking at the business.  Your timing couldn’t be better:  people always say they wish they could be one of the first to find out about something monumental!  Now here you are, in that exact position!

Let us take a minute to introduce you to our team, the people you’ll be working with.  If you just joined us, make sure you go through the New Rep Checklist under the “Training” section.

Our NP Doubler Team

Joe Land, Nature's Pearl Master Distributor

Joe Land

Join us and you’ll be with one of the company’s 5 power lines under Master Distributor Joe Land, from Charleston, SC.  Joe is a legendary veteran of network marketing, a former Amway Diamond who also reached the top of 2 other companies.  Near the end of 2011, Joe was asked by Nature’s Pearl management to takeover the network and grow the company to hundreds of millions in revenue.  I am 100% confident he will do exactly that.  If you really want to build a huge business, make sure you read Joe’s book!

So glad you joined us!

John Cini

When Joe Land first contacted him about Nature’s Pearl, John Cini in McLean, VA, didn’t understand why the company was any different than the other 2000 (yes, two thousand) nutrition companies out there.  Then he read the two clinical studies on the Nature’s Pearl product and he understood right away.  He knows the other 2000 nutrition companies would LOVE to have clinicals like Nature’s Pearl has!  But they can only dream …  John was with Nu Skin for 17 years (1989-2006), working primarily in their nutrition division.  After a great run with them, his story was published in the book “Your First Year in Network Marketing” (page 75, Chapter 3, “Dodging the Depression Torpedo”; by Mark Yarnell, Prima Publishing, 1998).  “My cell fone is always on, so call me any time!

Howdy from Dallas!

Joe Blanton

After 20 years of running his own construction company and 15 years of working full-time in the networking world, reaching the top rank of two different companies, Joe Blanton of Dallas, TX, decided to join Nature’s Pearl.  Joe is dedicated to the truth in nutrition and holistic wellness, and he’s had great results over the last 30 years.  Combine that success with his desire to help others succeed in business, and you’ve got someone who will quickly reach the top again with our company!  Joe has put a humongous network in place in a very short amount of time, and he’s always available to help you get going.

Hello from the Nation's Capital!

Charles Bier, MD

Dr. Charles Bier, from Washington, DC, is the Asst. Clinical Prof. of Medicine, George Washington University Medical Center and former Chief of Medicine, Columbia Hospital for Women.  He is currently the Medical Director, Washington Preventive Medicine & Longevity Center.  Besides carrying a full load of daily work in his private practice, Dr. Bier is a father of six and therefore always on the run, supporting his children in numerous activities.  He’s a tireless champion of spreading the word about proper nutrition and the superior science behind Nature’s Pearl.  You’ll see him at the top of the “Experts” page of your website, and you’ll hear him periodically on our company webcasts.

If you want to join us on this page, hit the Director rank and then send us a foto!  If you want to join us in the “2013 Pearl Club,” you need $75,000 GV before the end of the year, so hurry!  Details on how to blast off in a BIG WAY are at the bottom of the Training page.

Change the world – spread the word about Nature’s Pearl!  No one’s heard about it yet!

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