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Make A Change Today!Finally, A Long-Term Vehicle With A REAL Product,
And Possibly The Biggest Cause You’ll Be A Part Of!

[Enrollment info is at the bottom of this page.]

If you prefer to watch video instead of read, we have several options for you:

The World's #1 Antioxidant!

The business overview video starts off by explaining how rare it is to find a company that grows from startup to a billion dollars in revenue.  The compensation explanation shows specific examples of the kind of money our reps have made with us, including a nanny who earned $45K in her first 7 months with us from June to Dec. 2012.

The research website we give everyone, if you haven’t checked it out yet, is http://MuscadineHealthResearch.com.  (That’s a research-only site – no marketing material for Nature’s Pearl other than clinical studies on muscadine grapes and stories about the studies.)

A quick overview of the Nature’s Pearl business:

  1. Totally unique product – one of a kind, unmatched revolutionary product with proven results, which means people get on it and keep using itNature’s Pearl has done more, by far, than any nutrition company in history to prove their product works!
  2. A company dedicated to the truth and honest about its products’ nutrition – pursuing multiple clinical studies, both completed and ongoing, to further prove the product efficacy.
  3. Voluntary compliance with rigid FDA inspection rules – “under routine inspection by The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Food and Drug Protection Division.”  Also, the Nature’s Pearl supplement is listed in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, recognized as the scientific gold standard for evidence-based information, a resource designed for healthcare professionals with over 89,000 brand name products.
  4. Endless positive press coverageseveral stories here, and no negative press, no dispute about the product’s health benefits!
  5. 3 different USA govt. agencies – the USDA, NIH, & the N.C. State Dept. of Agr. – have dedicated web space to the health benefits of the ingredient! (See all 3 direct links here.)  Also, the Nature’s Pearl supplement is a “Canadian Licensed Natural Health Product,” which means it’s a regulated “natural medicine” in “a category of products separate from foods or drugs,” it’s “manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as outlined by Health Canada,” and it’s “licensed based on several criteria,” enumerated here.
  6. Low pricing – $30 for a one-month supply, so everyone can afford it!  The company could have priced it much higher than they did.
  7. Deep financial backing – well-funded by a pioneer in the bottled water industry, the owner of Le Bleu Water, a company he took from startup in 1990 to nearly a billion dollars in revenue.
  8. Better Business Bureau A+ customer service rating.
  9. Brand-new, unheard-of business in network marketing – that means tremendous market share is available!
  10. One of the strongest compensation plans in the industry, with weekly paydays, residuals paid down 8 levels, and 12% of total company revenue shared equally among the top 4 ranks (3% paid to all reps at each rank).  Also, we don’t try to front-load reps with thousands of dollars of inventory:  the only product pkg you’re expected to purchase is your own initial one at enrollment!
    7 preferred customers = your month’s supply is free!

Hardly anyone has heard of Nature’s Pearl yet. The company is 6 years old but was sold in retail stores for half that time, and they just recently got everything in place to do big revenue via direct sales.

The Nature’s Pearl supplement has already had 2 clinical studies on its PRODUCT, both conducted by Wake Forest Univ.  Direct links to those 2 studies are at the MuscadineHealthResearch.com site.  We’ve got 5 M.D.’s and several other health professionals on video endorsing this product.  There is tremendous financial backing behind the company, because of the promise the product offers.  Jerry Smith, the Founder and CEO of Nature’s Pearl, is also the CEO of Le Bleu bottled water, a company he started in 1990.

All Natural Powerhouse :)ANTIOXIDANT POWER
The antioxidant power of our supplement is second-to-none:

Brunswick Biomedical Laboratories of Wareham, Massachusetts stated in 2003 that Muscadine Grape Seed has the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity) of any natural substance they have yet to test.” And “The muscadine grape possesses one of the highest antioxidant levels among fruits; yet, the effect of this fruit on mammalian metabolic systems has not received significant attention.”

Both of those quotes are from studies listed on MuscadineHealthResearch.com, where you can see tons more research info, including what’s below.

Many years ago, scientific studies established that the unique combination of over 100 powerful phenolic compounds found naturally in muscadine grapes contain powerful antioxidants which can fight inflammation caused by free radical damage. A 2005 study at the Univ. of Georgia, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, “Antiinflammatory properties of the muscadine grape,” stated:

These results demonstrate that the muscadine grape skin powder possesses significant in vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory properties.

The book “Muscadine Medicine” states on page 75 that, “Accelerated aging occurs in chronic disease states that involve systemic inflammation.”

Obviously, the company is limited on what claims they can state, but the clinical results say it very clearly. Nonetheless, the company has thousands of testimonials from satisfied product users.  You can see many more studies on the ingredients and press coverage at MuscadineHealthResearch.com.  Nature’s Pearl continues to separate itself from competitors by having regular, ongoing examination by Brunswick Labs of phenolic compound levels in the manufacturing process.

Jerry spent his first few years trying to market this revolutionary product through drug & health stores, including GNC, Walgreens, Select Nutrition, Eckerd, and Kerr Drug, before realizing that the most effective way to get his product to the most people was through direct marketing. Now, the product is available through distributors, not sitting on the shelves of monster retailers, alongside inferior products. The exclusivity we offer is usually attractive to the offices of medical professionals.

After spending 17 years with Nu Skin and reaching the Millionaire’s Circle (PDF – front cover and page 18) with them, I did well, but I didn’t make retirement money. So I started looking for another company that would have a similar long-term run. Like most people do, I picked a couple dogs before I found the right one.  Nature’s Pearl is the end of my latest research.

There are very few companies with a realistic shot at reaching a billion dollars in annual revenue.  When I chose to work with Nu Skin in 1989, I had no idea of how rare it was for a new company with tiny revenue of $5 million per month to quickly reach $50 million per month just two years later.

Nature’s Pearl Enrollment: enroll with the person who introduced you to this company by going to their site, which is http://www.naturespearl.com/username (where “username” is their chosen distributor name); when you get there, click “Join” at the top-right.

Download paper USA enrollment form here and Canada enrollment form here.

John Gordon Cini
Director, Sales
Independent Distributor
Nature’s Pearl

571.235.8227 cell
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
Email: DJDoubler@fchute.com

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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