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Computer Chaos Control! | Antipaper's Digital Tsunami
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Computer Chaos Control!

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If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes
looking for something in your computer,
you need this book.

Give me 20 minutes – and I’ll save you hundreds of hours over the next decade!

Spend $5, then spend 20 Minutes to learn the system, to save hundreds of hours!
Go to www.FindFilesFast.com to get your copy today.

The book has now been purchased by people in 7 different countries!
(Canada, UK, Italy, India, Australia, Malaysia, and USA)

Private sessions for specific computer help tech help are $30 for 30 minutes.  To schedule a private session, email John at John@FindFilesFast.com.  Please include your preferred day and time (mornings 8am to 12noon Eastern USA time, afternoons 12noon to 4pm, or evenings 5pm to 8pm).  Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.


I just finished writing a book I’ve been working on for years, “Computer Chaos Control,” unveiling the ultimate computer filing system to find files fast.  I’ve received some nice reactions to it in the last few weeks:


The Ultimate Computer Organization System

  • “This book is 20 years overdue – thank you!”
  • “I’ve been looking for some kind of system like this for six years.”
  • “Love it! Love it! Love it!”
  • “This is brilliant!”
  • “It only took me 25 minutes to read and implement your filing system. Now I can find ANYTHING I need in less than 10 seconds.”
  • “You’re a genius!”

Learn more about the book at www.FindFilesFast.com.

“Computer Chaos Control” solves the biggest computer problem Microsoft has never addressed in 30 years: how to setup computer storage for effective filing and retrieval. It’s a quick read that helps you create a logical filing system to instantly find anything in your computer.

There’s no other system available today like what you’ll find in this book. Nearly everyone on the planet needs this system. It’s worth hundreds of hours in time-savings to anyone who implements it. And you won’t have to spend a penny more to get everything in place to create years of efficiency and peace of mind.

Is This You?
•  Have you spent 20 or 30 minutes (or more) looking for a file, more than a few times?
•  Do you keep promising yourself you’ll tackle your overflowing email inbox or your “My Documents” mess, but dread the thought and keep putting it off?
•  Is your Downloads Folder full of important documents and programs that you don’t have a clue what to do with?
•  Would you love to have a computer folder structure that lets you find any file within a minute, in a system that takes only minutes to setup once?
•  Do you have a plan to be prepared for the digital avalanche?

Look what you’ll learn to do from this book:
•  In 20 minutes, setup a system so you’ll never have to hunt for a file again
•  Save hundreds of hours of searching for documents over the next decade
•  Sync all your folders, across multiple programs (page 25)
•  Find things when you need them, not the next day or a month later (page 27)
•  Learn how to effectively search, sort, display (page 19)
•  Organize your photos, music, and movies logically (page 49)
•  Protect your critical documents & media (page 55)
•  Backup data regularly – with ease (page 57)
•  Get inside tips/tricks/shortcuts – dozens given throughout the book

When you see how easy this is to setup, how fast it becomes memorized in your head, and how convenient it is to use over future years and years, you will be nothing short of astounded that no one came up with this system sooner!

This system is available nowhere else, in books or online.  Never before has there been a definitive solution to finding files logically and quickly.

Order yours today for years of peace-of-mind!  www.FindFilesFast.com

E-book format, for immediate download, right to your computer.  (When you download it, make sure you can find it!)

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  1. October 13, 2010 15:49


    This is an authentic 5-6 hours a week……added back into my life

    thanks Jobn

    I just picked up 300 hours a year 🙂

    mark j

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