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June 1, 2013
by The Technology Doctor

Around noon today, on our NP App, John Preski uploaded “Message Option #3,” which is the script we have in our training (http://antipaper.net/np-training/inviting/).  This allows us to send an initial invite msg of exactly how we want to introduce NP to our prospects, with the 2-minute Fox-TV news clip.

Here are the specific directions to use this in your computer app:  after you launch the app, click the “Members” tab, then click the green “Add Prospect” button at the top-right, then scroll down to “Message Option #3” and click the green “Select” button to the right of it, which then takes you to the page where you enter your contacts – here you can enter individual names one-by-one or you can upload large numbers of contacts from places where you store contacts (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail).  From there, the process is explained on the app.  It’s very user-friendly, but if you have any challenges, call me.

BTW, the Android app doesn’t work the same way the computer app does (yet) – meaning, when you go to send an initial msg to a prospect, the fone app defaults to sending Msg #1, which is NOT the way I recommend introducing the business to people.  I strongly suggest using “Message Option #3.”  So use the app over your computer (whether it’s a PC, Mac, or iPad) for now, which you have to do anyway if you want to upload mass numbers of names by uploading a contacts file.

And what do you do after mass blasting a huge number of contacts? Hit the fone!  Call as many people as you can, and leave a msg if you don’t get them live.  Personal contact greatly increases the likelihood the video will get viewed.  Even so, Preski told me the app msgs are getting a phenomenal click-through rate, as high as 80% via text msg!  After you get a “Video Viewed” alert on the app, confirming a prospect clicked-through, then you can send them another video, either the “Nolan Ryan Commercial” or the “NP Production,” both of which are 1-minute long.  Then if that gets viewed, you’ve got someone primed for a webcast, either recorded or live.

You can see the autoresponder format taking shape …  We have several dynamite followup emails now, which will be placed in our training section soon.  Also, these app instructions will be on video soon, in a new “NP App Training” section.

Take massive action!

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