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NP Update From John Cini: NP App PC Version Launched, BusinessForHome.org Press On NP, NP DSA Membership | Antipaper's Digital Tsunami
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NP Update From John Cini: NP App PC Version Launched, BusinessForHome.org Press On NP, NP DSA Membership

May 12, 2013
by The Technology Doctor

NP Update From John Cini:   HUGE News From Multiple Angles!

Our biggest news, in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock somewhere, is the launch of our NP App for the desktop/laptop computer.  You can download it at http://pearlapp.net. If you have MS Windows, then it’s a software program to download and install.  If you use an Apple computer, then the pearlapp.net site is an online portal that you’ll have to use (no app software for Apple computers yet, although anyone who has an Apple computer has an iPhone and/or iPad, which DOES have a download for the NP App).  This NP App is a complete game-changer, not only in how convenient it is for prospecting huge numbers of people, but also in how attractive it is as another reason for people to join our company.  NP made an incredibly brilliant move in securing this app, to become an industry leader in prospecting innovation.  No other network marketing company has an app like this!

For an overview of the app software, check out the training video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3uuk_T4f08.  It’s an hour long, but you can skip a bunch of it:  the actual explanation of the software begins at the 6-minute mark (so fast-fwd to that), and 20 minutes later you’ll understand everything that’s going on.

Also, if you haven’t updated your mobile version, now’s the time.  I updated mine 3 days ago, and it’s working great!  If all this tech stuff is new to you, the app gives you the ability to contact/invite prospects from both your cell phone and your computer, using data in “the cloud,” so your device, either a phone or a computer, is accessing info that’s stored on a data server remotely.  When the info is changed or updated in the server, your devices get updated, too, because they’re simply displaying the data from the server.  So you don’t have to worry about the info being different on multiple devices.  And you don’t have to be tied to your computer at home in order to disseminate great info to prospects!

I talked to the NP App developer John Preski about the “downloads” contest, and he enlightened me that it’s now a “click thru” contest:  he said if someone clicks the link in your msg, that counts as a “download”!  Who knew?  So if you send out emails from the app and your contacts click the link for a gift or to watch a video, that enters them into the drawing for free gear.  Love it!

I got NP a write-up on the BusinessForHome.org site:  http://www.businessforhome.org/2013/05/natures-pearl-1-million-in-monthly-revenue/.  This type of press does a couple things for us:  it adds instant credibility with serious networkers, it may generate leads, and it definitely puts us on the map.  I don’t know how much of a business-generator it’ll be, but I do know that any company making waves is on that site!  As the article mentions, our Alexa “website traffic ranking” is now good enough that we’re in the Top 100 companies on the BusinessForHome tracking list, and our number of Facebook “Likes” is also now in the Top 100, so we’ll be followed regularly on that site now.

I mentioned this in April, but we’ve had so many new people join us in the last month that I’m repeating it:  our impending DSA membership application will multiply things even more for NP.  At the April Corp. mtg., NP Pres. Brock Agee said NP’s DSA application would be submitted in the next month or two.  We’ll be a “pending member” from mid-2013 to mid-2014, since the DSA has a one-year approval process.  It’s super-expensive, so this isn’t something a short-term company does.  Once the year-long application process is completed, we’ll have the “DSA Member” logo on our site, but until then we’ll be listed on their site as a “pending member” for the entire year.  The DSA has strict guidelines for member companies to follow in order to protect its reputation and solidify the integrity of the industry.  This is another gigantic step in the right direction for NP to become a billion dollar direct sales company.

If you didn’t notice the new links at the top-right corner of your NP site (this is mine), linking to the NP Corp. Facebook page & Youtube channel, let me be the first to point them out to you!  NP Corp. is gradually getting our site plugged into all the tech wonders of the world.

Longtime networker Herb Hunter posted on his FB wall:

Before success comes in any persons life, they are sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures.  When defeat overtakes a person, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit.  That’s exactly what the majority of people do.  The ‘potting soil’ for all success is at least a 2:1 mixture of failure to success.  Sometimes, 3:1.

I would say the ratio is more like 5:1, minimum, but the point is still valid! 🙂

Happy Hunting!

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